MTftSB: top ten best selling singles of 2018

Of these, how many do you recognise enough to hum / sing a few words / part of the melody from?

    1. Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss
    1. Drake - God’s Plan
    1. George Ezra - Shotgun
    1. Keala Settle - This Is Me
    1. Rudimental - These Days
    1. Ed Sheeran - Perfect
    1. Drake - Nice For What
    1. George Ezra - Paradise
    1. Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry
    1. Portugal The Man - Feel It Still
  • NA) none of the above, mate

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actually is that Portugal. The Man. one the fucking annoying Mr Postman one?


Oh and I reckon I would recognise that Ed Sheeran song (the chorus is something like “to me, you are perfect” - didn’t he nick that from Love Actually?) but I couldn’t confidently pick out the melody.

How do you even buy a single these days

Oh yeah it is. Oooh I’m a rebel just for kicks now. (FO, PTM)

I think this includes digital streams as well as physical / online purchases

in that case i have heard that song and would also like to suggest that having not heard 7 of the 10 it is still reliably the absolute worst on the list. horrific shite.

I’ll be riding shotgun
Feeling like a someone
Listening to rap metal
Turntables in her eyes


I don’t know any of these. Sadly my indie points are no longer valid and I’ve I’d had to trade them in for out of touch old man points.


They are the same points


See Ezra on Vic & Bob? Mortifying.

i reckon in past years i would’ve known pretty much all 10. quite amazed really, and almost irked despite knowing it is much better for my mental health to not have a load of terrible new songs stuck in my head.

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I’ve heard whichever of the goerge Ezra ones he did at sports personality, and I will have heard the ariana grande one but couldn’t hum it to you

Probably all of them but without knowing who they’re by or what they’re called

The devaluation of indie points is the reason I’m destitute


For some reason my son is into the George Ezra songs, and has requested them in the car. He’s 6, and all his friends are into them too. Is this the target audience for George Ezra? It all seems odd to me.

Think my main issue with Ezra is how good he could be with that voice, which is genuinely a bit different and interesting but the songs are just so fucking asinine, he’s like the musical equivalent of a nicely painted skirting board.


Haven’t heard any of these. Been very dislocated from chart music over the past few years. Will listen to that Ariana Grande song though, quite enjoy her stuff.

Never willingly listened to a Drake song too and happy to keep it that way.

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Find ariana grande’s music annoying cause she’s obviously a really good egg, and there are definitely some Bangers in there, but something about her vocal delivery just winds me up to the point I can’t listen to her

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