MTftSB: warm, toasty songs for sitting indoors by a fire


:heart_eyes: :fire: :socks:


On the face of it too dark, in reality the perfect amount of romantic



One of my best memories of my friends’ old house was being pinged out of my gourd listening to ‘Mirage Hall’ on repeat over and over again.I didn’t realise that the room was full of people and I just kept freaking out about it. Fully cemented my reputation as a wrong 'un with them.


im not even joking with this suggestion:


oh man. out of leftfield in toasty fire music terms, but a fine choice. I ought to go back to those albums.


bowed cymbals on this, tho. :ok_hand:



Must listen to the few posted above when my headache goes.

These two would do a job for your fireside nightcap: