MTftSB We need to talk about Weezer


They’re fucking awful, stop pretending they were any good



I don’t think we do, really


Some of their songs are very good. I have literally no idea why they’re widely regarded as somehow above their equivalents though.


Someone owned a Weezer album!


I really liked some songs from The Green One and I don’t care what you think, Ruff Dawg.




I bought the blue one in a christmas sale, didn’t really listen to it for six months or a year, when I did, I realised I liked it. I don’t think that I like anything else they’ve ever done.


Yeah but we’re not 11 anymore so you can denounce that shit now


I was 15 when it came out thanks.



Alright, no excuse. Next.


Pinkerton is my favourite album


Haven’t knowingly ever heard any of their songs I don’t think - not sure if this is a debit or a credit in the indie points account. Get them mixed up with Beck and Wheatus, not sure why (apart from name similarity with the latter).


there’s a lot of better stuff out there man


first two albums are good sorry ruffman

  • Blue album
  • Pinkerton

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If that’s one of the ones with the sweater song on, you were just young.


I am not really sure if I can pick.


That’s on blue which i dont listen to much these days, can still jam pinkerton and enjoy it


Blue album is 10/10 Pinkerton too, and every b-side from that era