MTftSB - Whamageddon

So, what are people’s thoughts about Whamageddon then?

Anyone playing? Anyone get knocked out on 1st December? Anyone think it’s the height of musical snobbery, and for christs sake isn’t this time of year meant to be about goodwill to all men, including George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley?

I lost before I even knew I was playing it.

Fantastic song though, best Christmas song IMHO


It’s a great song so I do not partake

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I also like Last Christmas, think it’s a great pop song.

Not really going anywhere either so probably won’t hear it tbh.


I love listening to it, so no.

Also, I love how the YouTube video in HD is soooo hi-def. Apparently it was remastered from the original film, rather than just being digitally done or some shit, so it looks weirdly modern, but in a good way!

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