MTftSB What classic songs have you only just realised are BANGERS


Queen- Radio Ga Ga for me. It just clicked. I get it now.


Also, B52s- Loveshack. Discovered them in general recently, Dirty Back Road and Dry County in particular are SLAMDUNKS


There are a load of Queen bangers tbf


Aside from Bo Rhap, I am only really into Ga Ga and Cool Cat. Any recommendations? Really dislike most of their big singles.



Oh yeah forgot about this, it’s a winner.


This is pretty much the only queen song I like. Actually despise bo rhap and don’t stop me now


that and radio ga ga are massive bangers though.


Love the middle era stuff

Basically Greatest Hits II is full of classics imo


that bass <3


Pointer Sisters Automatic. Was at a mates 40th the other week and the DJ in the pub played it. It’s like the soundtrack to every 80s movie distilled down into one track. And yet I don’t think it was used in any 80s movie. Just sounds so… familiar.


This was a recent one for me too. Always liked it on the Vice City soundtrack but forgot about it for ten years or so. Put it on recently and it’s superb. Ruth Pointer’s voice is like nothing else. Decided it’s going to be my standard karaoke song from now on.


Gone ham for Mariah recently. There’s a shitload to be honest but Anytime You Need A Friend has been criminally slept on by me.


this song is incredible. It’s pretty close to perfect, even the ridiculous keyboard/guitar?!? solo


came home drunk a few years back and realised Dancing Queen was amazing. think I posted about it.


Growing up as a (post) punk meant I was rather dismissive of lots of mid-late 70s pomp rock so I only realised in the past few years just how great this is…


Was gonna say this


Probably God Only Knows. Used to like it, now think it is probably the greatest song ever written

Also Golden Brown. The music in that is to die for, so great


Oh and God Saves The Queen by the Pistols


massive choon tbf