MTftSB - What song do you think you've heard the most in your lifetime?

Not necessarily that you’ve chosen to listen to the most, just the one you’ve heard the most.

I think, as a rule of thumb, if I’ve heard a song over 100 times without ever having specifically chosen to listen to it at any stage that there’s a very high probability that I hate that song.

Based on over 10 years of, and barely ever listening to music other than what I choose to listen to, I’m very very confident it is…

@antpoc, what’s yours?


Probably one of:

Happy Birthday
Channel 4 News ident
BBC News ident
Jingle Bells
Intel jingle
Blue by Eiffel 65

According to Last.FM it’s You Stopped Making Sense by The Radio Dept.

But there’s a good chance that it could be any track off LCD’s Sound of Silver or Elvis Costello’s This Year’s Model.

How about you AntPoc?

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One of the crap Christmas ones probably

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‘Reelin’ In The Years’, ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ or ‘Bad Penny’. Staples of cover bands in Ireland and also Irish radio and TV over the years.

Still absolutely love all three of them.


I reckon it might be Every fucking Breath You fucking Take by The fucking Police.

Legitimately one of my all time favourite albums! Me dad used to have the cassette playing away in the car when we were kids then I rediscovered it again in my late teens and it’s been in constant rotation ever since :metal:

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I’ll be there for you by the Rembrandts will be way up there. I really hate that song.



Aww, I wish I’d heard it as a kid. I didn’t hear it until the start of 2016. My best mate left me his CD copy of it when he went travelling to Australia for four months. I listened to it every night until he got back. Absolutely love it, one of my favourite albums ever.

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That’s a superb shout actually.

I remember the first time I went looking for a bass tab online I found it for this song and was so fucking confused. I’d never heard Big Black and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find a tab for the Rory Gallagher song.


Ooh yeah it’s the Simpsons theme tune by a distance for me

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if we’re discounting theme tunes:

this is my dad’s favourite song and played it constantly in the car when I was a kid. I also love this song, so have continued to listen to it when it hasn’t been imposed on me.

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This is probably the case for me too, but I went for the Rembrandts because it was actually on the radio for some considerable time, and a “friend” in halls at uni had the Friends album and played it constantly. It was a triple threat for a while.

Either Come On Eileen or the fucking Fairytale of New York