MTftSB: What was the first ever song that requested listeners to put their hands in the air?

Am curious. Would also be willing to explore the first examples of other commonplace lyrics.

I also recently wondered ‘what was the last song to say ‘boogie’ in the lyrics?’, then I remembered Big Boi’s All Night, so that’s resolved.

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Probably a song performed by a pickpocketing bard called Dodgeful Puck the Thieving Fiddler I imagine

I would assume it’s this…


This is a good answer

probably a gospel or religious song

put your hands in the air
for jesus

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i believe it was invented by will smith


Tell you what, the song Jump on Demand by [Spunge] was clever because the lyrics were berating songs that told people to do this sort of thing whilst that is exactly what the song was doing

See also 5ive and their confusing position on whether you should be up or not.


That last verse of “And did those feet in ancient time” which everyone forgets has the line “put yo hands in the air/like you just don’t care”.


Beethoven’s 5th

I think the early demos of The Little Baby Jesus’s Pray Wi’ Me included something along these lines.

I suppose that’s more of a command than request though

Weren’t they something to do with one of Daft Punk’s dads?

Daft Dad.

and did those feet in ancient times feel it?

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probably Cliff Richard or summat


“Vangarde” redirects here. It is not to be confused with Garde (surname) or Vanguard (disambiguation).

Daniel Vangarde , born Daniel Bangalter in 1947,[1] is a French songwriter and producer. He co-wrote and originally produced a number of hit records in the 1970s, including “Aie a Mwana”, “D.I.S.C.O.” (recorded by Ottawan), and “Cuba” (The Gibson Brothers).

Not sure what the first was but the one I always think of is

althought it’s wave not put

I only just learned that Reef’s Place Your Hands never asks anyone to put their hands up at all