MTftSB: What's the first album you bought

That you’d still be willing to listen to?

Reckon mine’d be Magic and Medicine by The Coral, just heard a bit of Pass it On and it brought back all the feels. Proper haircuts.


Be Here Now

Edit: Oh! That I’d still be willing to listen to… Erm MOP - Warriorz maybe.

I still give Wake Up! by the Boo Radleys an occasional listen. I think that was the second album I bought (or third if you count Shine: 20 Brilliant Indie Hits as one). Other than the slightly naff opener, it’s a really decent album.

Pretty sure Mop Warriorz is an American reality show that is aired at 9pm weeknights on Dave, Ant.


Very excellent post IMO


on the last day of school before Christmas in year seven my friend and I went into Reading, I think it was technically the first time I’d been allowed to catch the train alone, without a parent. anyway, I can’t remember which one i bought first, but I bought 4 cassettes:
Therapy? - Troublegum
Nirvana - second album, whatever it’s called
Metallica …AJFA
Aerosmith - Pandoras Toys

CD trivia, my first CD album was Body Count’s first album.

Enema of the State was my first album. Still reckon its got some bangers on it (Anthem, Dumpweed)

My first two were Life Thru a Lens by Robbie Williams and Coming Up by Suede, reckon I could still happily sit through either tbh


First I owned was the Simpson’s album but that was a gift for my birthday one year.

The first I bought…dunno probably some pop compilation, crash test dummies or maybe inxs.

The first I ever bought was Eternal’s Greatest Hits. I’d give that a spin now for sure.

Didn’t buy it - but asked for it for christmas when I was 8.

Pipes of Peace by Macca

don’t have the cassette anymore - but have been tempted to buy a cheap vinyl copy as Say Say Say is such a tuuuune.

Not sure I would listen to the rest (although I do love Macca)

I bought Appetite for Destruction when it came out on cassette - and I listened to it in the car the other day. So I guess it’s that

First I bought was Bustin’ & Dronin’, the compilation of remixes and live tracks from Blur’s self-titled album.

I bought it because it was very, very cheap, and because I was obsesses with Song 2 thanks to its inclusion in the FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup soundtrack.

Think I’d still listen to the live disc, and to the On Your Own Remix that was used in the video game section of The Beach.

Chocolate Starfish and the Chocolate Flavoured Water and HELL YEAH I’LL STLL LISTEN TO IT.


I’d wager you have it on right now

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Pet Shop Boys - Please

In fact I had it on the other day and Mrs HYG made me turn it off as she said it was unsuitable with a baby in the room, even though I protested that the baby couldn’t possible appreciate the swearing at this age.

Occasionally this section pops into my head, from Rolling I think:

“You better…get some better beats and er… get some better rhymes. Dooooh!”


Take it to the arguments thread so I can break my finger by voting on your side too hard

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This is some proper 1950s parenting :thumbsup:

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(I did literally have a Limp Bizkit track on this morning but it was N2Gether Now which features Method Man on a fucking blinder of a Premo beat so it doesn’t count)