MTFTSB - what's the most 90s pop video you can find?


I watched this Tom Petty video the other day - and it felt like a pure distillation of a 90s pop video

any other contenders?


B*Witched C’est La Vie

Can’t get link on phone somehow but remember a lot of double denim!


great shout


Something like this with the black and white and nonsense story


Tom Jones and Cardigans doing that talking heads song



this one is ticking a lot of the boxes



Ah this is a good game.


CGI flying saucer, ‘gritty’ urban street large group of people dancing. A rhino for a doorman:


is this also the friday banger thread?


NOT THE 90s!



1998 m76




Shit, so it was. I can remember it being played on Radio1 loads when I was working in an office in 2000-2001.


It’s obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Britpop, floppy hair, Keith Allen behaving like a twat. You could probably date this to within half an hour.


Everything about this is incredibly 90s