MTftSB Which of your top 50 artists are you yet to see live?

Which of your favourite bands/artists haven’t you seen live? And what chance do you have of seeing them in the future?

Using my overall top 50 artists for this, because it’s science.

Missing a depressing amount of them…

Boards of Canada - Unlikely
David Bowie - Impossible
The Beatles - Impossible
The Smiths - Unlikely
Kate Bush - Couldn’t get a ticket for love nor money, probably won’t play again
The Knife - Saw them press play on a ghetto blaster and have people dance on a stage for £45, but haven’t seen the cunts live properly
Frank Sinatra - Impossible
Steely Dan - Impossible
Scott Walker - Unlikely, does he even play live? Genuinely don’t know
Why? - Possible
Stina Nordenstam - Very unlikely, hasn’t been heard of since 2005
Kings of Convenience - Likely
Cocteau Twins - Unlikely
Blur - Who knows
Gorillaz - Seeing them NEXT WEEK
Janelle Monae - Likely to see her if she realises that acting is okay and everything but she’s really bloody good at music and should just do that
The Cure - The price tag and the 3 1/2 long shows have put me off
Dusty Trails - Unlikely
The Strokes - Not bothered
Anja Garbarek - Dunno if she does shows anymore
The The - Dunno if he does shows anymore
Cathy Davey - Not bothered, last few albums a bit rubbs

Anyone else having a wild Saturday night?

I’m seeing Kozelek in November so I guess 0 after that


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Weezer is my.main one but no way am i seeing them now.

Also Paul McCartney

The The are playing three shows in London in June (Albert Hall, Brixton Academy, and Troxy). Don’t know if the ‘tour’ is venturing further afield though.

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Thanks. Not sure I can afford to get back to the UK then, already heading back in May for a wedding :frowning:

See them all.

Most of them multiple times, obviously.

35 :’) There are a fair few I have wanted to see but couldn’t afford to (weren’t Beyonce tickets last year like £80 at cheapest or something???), most of them I’m not bothered about seeing live tbh.

I mean I like gigs but they are:

  • kinda expensive for what they are (…given that the gig will usually be the same length of time as a football match and i’m used to paying £10 to get into those, where you get way more personal space and fresh air and can actually see the game)
  • a pain to get home from (trains are an additional expense)
  • filled with tall people. gigs are not much fun if you’re short. i spent one gig (maybe Weezer? can’t remember) with my head wedged into a sweaty topless man’s armpit. it was horrific.
  • crowded… i don’t mind busy places specifically but you’re packed in like a sardine, eww.
  • often at least a bit underwhelming


I’ve got a pretty good record - seen all of my top five at least six or seven times:

Ramones - not going to happen. Have seen one of the ex-drummers play solo.
The Beatles - not going to happen, could see Paul in December if I can be arsed going to Auckland.
Talking Heads - very unlikely. Saw David solo.
Modest Mouse - could happen
of Montreal - could happen
Drake - Drake is in my Top 50? Weird. Not going to bother
The Smiths - very very unlikely. Seen both M&M solo.
Johnny Cash - not going to happen
Guided by Voices - unlikely.

I saw the Replacements two years ago and it was incredible fun. Never thought I’d get to see a band who meant so much to me. If they ever play again and it’s in Europe I would highly recommend going.


I don’t have a top 50 artists


My heyday dates to my late teens and early twenties so it doesn’t reflect my current listening really. Still stand by all of this.

Guided By Voices: Highly unlikely but maybe, maybe they’ll play Primavera some day.
Pavement: Didn’t see them on the reunion tour for some reason, regret it more and more with each passing year. If they ever play again I’m there.
Jay Reatard: Didn’t see him when he played Whelan’s in 2009 and now I never will. Utterly love him and was heartbroken when he died.
The Beatles: Am definitely seeing McCartney next time he tours. Will pay €€€ for it.
Kanye West: Didn’t go to see him when the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour came here, went to see The Flaming Lips instead. Will see him someday.
Los Campesinos!: They rarely play Ireland! Will have to go to the UK to see them I think.
Galaxie 500: Yeah, this is a reunion that’ll never happen.
Big Star: :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
Melvins: I’ll see 'em someday, they’re going to tour until they drop.
Pulp: Didn’t go to the Electric Picnic they played here as an ex who was a huge fan was going. Kicking myself to this day, though I did meet Jarvis earlier this year.
Weezer: Absolutely fuck off.
Wedding Present: Absolutely fuck off.
Radiohead: Absolutely fuck off.
Ramones: Fire up the time machine.
The Stooges: Missed them at Electric Picnic 2007 as I was so drunk. Don’t regret it.
Built To Spill: I will see them. It will happen.
Prince: :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
Daft Punk: Really don’t care at this point. They played Oxegen here in 2007 but no way was I returning to that hellscape.
The White Stripes: Yeah, this ain’t happening.
Wipers: I think I would die if I ever saw Greg Sage play.
David Bowie: Stopped touring before I ever started going to gigs do this was nevet happening.
A Silver Mt. Zion: If they come to Europe next time around I will go anywhere to see them.
Hüsker Dü: Was lucky enough to meet Grant Hart a number of times and saw him play a lot. Had always written them off in terms of a reunion so I don’t mind, I got to see Grant play ‘Sorry Somehow’ to an audience of ten people.

Whats up with Wedding Present now?

Various mates have seen them recently and have told me it’s not worth bothering with. I don’t want to hear any material after 1992 and most sets are jammed with new songs so fuck that tbh.

YMMV, I guess, but I saw them recently and it was a decent, fun show. I even asked about it on the Music board and consensus was that I should go. That said, they weren’t playing a lot of old stuff, as you say.

The only one I’ve seen has been Kanye. Was pretty good tbh. Annoyingly the Silver Jews came to Belfast in 2006 or something which is just unfair. The Fall also haven’t returned to Belfast in years which is a shame because I like their 2000s output a lot.

Caught the last half a song of Titus Andronicus. Talked to Patrick Stickles after which was all I could have hoped for. Despite the fact that there were 30 people at the gig he assured me they would return…

Going to see many of my favourite acts would require me to spend £50 because of travel to Dublin, and most of the time I can’t be fucked with the hassle and £££.

I’ve recently been put off going to gigs alone, but am sorely tempted to go see sauna youth and protomartyr in Dublin. Love em both.

Come to Protomartyr! We’ll hang out!

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I think what I’m looking for from them is more than that. I don’t like the new material at all and would end up leaving disappointed I’d say.

Ahh I’ll see, might not be a great time for me to head down! I’ll let you know what I’m doing!

Cool! :metal::metal::metal:

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