Any gigs coming up in London that my brother might like to go to?



How old is he/what music does he like



going to Mos Def thing in a couple of weeks, man.


David Gray is playing in Manchester for SIXTY QUID the night before or after Kula Shaker play the same venue, so get yourselves up here


He’s 34. He likes fugazi; nomeansno; half man half biscuit; SLEEP; wu tang clan; the minutemen and aaliyah.

None of those are playing, for various reasons.


There are absolutely none.


thought not


Bros are playing The O2. It was on the front page of the BBC site yesterday…


nice! if me and my bro go (and maybe invite the smee boys along) we would be… bros ourselves!!!

got any grolsch bottle tops?


Heaven 17 are playing Jazz Café tonight. Temptation.


Speak to @aboynamedgoo (but be certain to pronounce it right - it’s actually pronounced the same as ‘Heinz’ apparently)…



It start with a guttural noise and rhymes with “dolls”.


Holding out for MC Hammer in the tool shed


^added to my list of potential post-rock album names


Snow snowboarding on snow.

Inform her*!

*this would work if it was a sister not a brother.


Apache Indian in a military helicopter