MTV Shows of yesteryear

Remember Room Raiders?

Remember Newlyweds?

Remember The Hills?

Remember My Super Sweet 16?

Remember Run’s House?

Remember Wild 'n Out?

Doggy Fizzle Televizzle

Super Sweet 16 is the most terrifying, dystopian piece of television ever made IMO, should be preserved for future generations


Remember ‘Fanatic’?

My old translation lecturer used to do the French subtitles for Wild N’ Out


  • Great
  • Bit nineties
  • Meh
  • Eh?

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i never watched the uk pimp my ride (feat the big dawg), was it good? (no need to answer)

Aeon Flux

  • Stylised genius
  • Pretentious nonsense
  • Oh, that’s where the Wachowskis got it from

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Fucking amazing mate, literally just Kwik-Fit employees with ridiculous haircuts hosted by Tim Westwood



Pretty sure it was filmed in Colchester, too.
the first series in particular was incredible. Like the contestants had seen the US one and got really excited then turned up for the reveal and their car had been cleaned and had a TV in the boot


remember when the drummer from blink 182 had his own ‘the osbournes’ type reality show?

neither does anyone else.

fucking tim westwood man. wtf.

Didn’t his near-fatal plane crash that killed two of his mates happen during it’s run?

are you asking me? because i don’t know, i’d have to marckee it.

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here’s a picture of Frankie Muniz being Punk’d. If that doesn’t sum up pop culture in the early 00s I don’t know what can


The UK Super Sweet 16 where a mum hired Kula Shaker and the girl cried cause she wanted Rihanna was brilliant.

Jersey Shore is also a top 10 tv show of all time


The 00’s were fucking wild. Iirc the guy on the right was called Bluey or something and there was a lady with pink bits in her hair called Pinky:

Look at these guys:

remember when they punk’d scrubs and he beat up a 13 year old for pretending to spray paint his car? haha

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fuck me man, that must be the shittest haircut in history

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