Mubi 2018 (Rolling)

So hardly used this last year and has auto renewed and would like to get my money’s worth.

Think there a few people in here that use it?

Hoping a thread of chat/recommendations will get me using it a bit more.

There’s 2 Paul Schrader films going off there this weekend that I hope to watch.

not using it anymore but please post when there’s good stuff on there, might fire it up for the odd month

Got this a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it. Doubt I’ll keep it for the whole year round as if I have a busy week I miss loads of films (haven’t watched one yet this week) but have watched Double Indemnity, The Anderson Tapes (Sidney Lumet), The Pleasure of Being Robbed (Safdie Brothers), half of The Crimson Kimono (fell asleep then it expired, gutted), the Khalil Joseph Sampha film, which I had seen before, and then some hyper-realist French documentary about a Parisian shop which was a bit boring so I turned it off after half an hour.

Planning on watching the Schrader films this weekend too so will report back.

They just put Wings of Desire on

Id’ recommend The Lost Weekend too, it’s ace


I didn’t really like it that much when I watched it as a teenager, but will probably give it a re-watch. Hope it means more Wenders to come though.

i dont think it is, they usually note it if it’s part of a series but it just seems a one off here

been thinking of sacking Netflix off and getting the BFI player, is that any good?

wow this has incredibly bad reviews

which schrader films are they?

It wasn’t great tbh. Bit too try-hard art-house and doesnt seem to really say anything? Read that it was originally commissioned as an advert and think it shows definitely doesn’t seem to be fully fleshed out. I haven’t seen any of their more recent efforts but assume they have improved drastically given the acclaim they get… in fact have just seen this was only by 50% of the Safdie bros so maybe the other one is the talented half!

Blue Collar and Cat People

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I watched Blue Collar the other night. Absolutely brilliant and well worth a watch.

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cheers guys

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they just put Moon on, might give that another watch

I don’t have the bfi player sorry.

Wasn’t really a fan of Moon.

Yeah i didnt get the fuss for it. Preferred the Angels and Airwaves one tbh

Blue Collar is ace.


Koreeda’s Still Walking was on there last time I looked. It might well be the best film I’ve seen in the last ten years.

Honestly, such a good film, should be as big as taxi driver and raging bull.

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