Mubi 2018 (Rolling)


Cat People isn’t good.


Watched Dead Slow Ahead. Worth a watxh i guess


Willy 1er - pretty good film, very bleak, about a guy with learning difficulties dealing with death and trying to become independent.


100% with you here. Shocked I’ve never heard it mentioned in “greatest films of all time” chat. Really nailed the factory scenes, the tension bubbling under the surface that only breaks out at the end…

The three main performances were perfect. Pryor and Keitel were both great in their own way, especially as things start to unravel, but I thought Yaphet Kotto in particular was captivating every time he was on screen. The tension building from the scene where he phones Keitel’s wife from the bar, and then breaks into Keitel’s house, and then the “accidental” death (incredibly hard to watch) was just perfectly acted and directed. I loved little directorial touches too - the Chrysler factory counter ticking over in the background, the shots across the river to Canada when Keitel is talking to the FBI, the cocaine binge scene…


In the last 2 days they’ve put on Thelma from last year, and Investigation of A Citizen Above Suspicion, both of which are well worth a watch


Watched this before it went off. Pretty fucking traumatising, but also an incredible performance from the lead. Very nicely shot too - as someone who spent an inordinate amount of time in rural French villages growing up it really did capture the malaise.

Also watched The Lost Weekend yesterday. That Billy Wilder chap was quite good at making films eh? Interesting to read that’s he decided to make it as a reaction to working with Raymond Chandler on Double Indemnity.


Has anyone seen Lover For a Day?


Nope. Think I’ve missed it now too. Did you watch it?

Morvern Callar went up yesterday which is ideal if, like me, you’ve not seen it and are going to catch You Were Never Really Here at the cinema next week. Part of a 3 week focus on female directors which I’m looking forward to.

On Body & Soul, a Hungarian film, also went up this week. Again, not actually watched it yet (pretty bad at this ‘actually watching the films’ lark) but it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars and the plot looks intriguing.


nah I didn’t! it didnt look too great so didnt bother

On Body & Soul is well worth a watch btw, glad they put it back on


Douglas Sirk retrospective just starting



Nadgers, that had been on my considering list but I seem to have missed it. I do like the limited run on MUBI; actually encourages me to watch interesting stuff.

Hoping to watch ‘Play’ at some point


Forgot to cancel my prime trial so been watching stuff on there mostly recently.

@coolerthantv who’s Douglas sirk/why is he good?


i can’t remember if I’ve seen Play or Involuntary or both haha I have definitely seen at least one


I really liked Involuntary. Very understated


just had a look, think I have seen them both. from what I remember, I preferred Play so definitely give that a go as well


He’s great. Mostly known for Hollywood melodramas in the 50’s that were panned at the time but became very influential due to Cahiers du Cinema and all those French intellectual guys revaluating them. Most of his US films are critiques of suburban America and family values etc and have a lot of strong female roles. Worked with Barbara Stanwyck, Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman, George Sanders a lot. I’ve seen Imitation of Life and There’s Always Tomorrow which are both really good.

Going to watch All I Desire tonight.


they’ve just put The Mist on which is a slightly odd choice but I would recommend a watch if you’ve not seen it


also just stuck on Gholam which Kermode gave film of the week quite recently


I don’t get why the Mubi channel on amazon as more stuff than the own site?


Well the whole thing of Mubi is a new film a day so I imagine amazon has older ones archived?

Everyone should watch Gholam, its ace