Mubi 2018 (Rolling)


Yeah but you can pay like 8 quid a month for 30 films or 6 for 300 odd…(if you’re a new subscriber, is the 6 on top of amazo prime? I dunno) still paying old subscription amount so won’t change


8 quid a month? Im paying 2.99, is that how much it is now?


Pretty sure that’s what it says on the homepage if you log out.


Blimey, that is a lot. Considering its a gamble as to what they put on (and theyve taken to sticking shorts on which is a bit of a con) thats pricy


Id recommend Shanty Tramp


Touch of Evil being on there is what set me off on obsessively hunting out noir films again


Best and worst thing about noir is theres so many and theres not usually any duffers


it is crazy how there was a period of American cinema when genuinely pessimistic reflections on the dark side of human nature and America were hella mainstream


Ive got a book of 1001 noirs, i might tey get through them all (i wont)

Give Shanty Tramp a go , its not noir but a similar tone. Its only 70 minutes, quite a “fun” exploitation flick


Yep. Gholam is a great film.


At least someone agrees!


Watched it yesterday – thought it was alright but would’ve preferred it without the ‘thriller’ elements, kind of seemed like another movie towards the end. Liked the attention to everyday rhythms of the community. Decent stuff. Reminded me of Dheepan? It was very cine-literate, at times it felt like a video essay on taxis in film.


1001?! Sweet jesus. I’ve got the BFI book of 100 noirs that I’m working through. I’m determined to watch all of those but another 901 might be a bit beyond me.


yeah! tbf some of the neo noirs are pushing it in terms of definition (Fight CLub’s in there) but it’s a hefty one alright


some dead good stuff on right now


Just scrolling through it now, considering Night Tide; partly bc the synopsis I perused sounded crazy


yeah ill give that a go, its a shame noone watched Shanty Tramp as that was great. theyve just put two films on which ive been wanting to see for a while as well so its a good un


That’d been on my personal to-watch list, but I’ve had early mornings lots of days in the last coupla weeks so film watching hasn’t been as frequent as it was for a bit before then.


its probs on youtube and only 70 minutes long so seek it out. would be interested to see what someone else thinks to it


Rick Alverson double feature today and tomorrow. I’ve been intrigued by The Comedy for a while (I understand, like Entertainment, it is a combination of comedy actors with extreme bleakness). Don’t know so much about New Jerusalem; it’s got yer man Will Oldham in it.