Mubi 2018 (Rolling)


think my mubi has different content to the UK one
want to watch Jeanne Dielman but don’t think i’m capable of watching a > 3 hour film at home


I heard it mentioned on a podcast recently, and I kind of feel the same (I heard it’s supposed to be incredibly compelling for a film about very everyday domesticity, or something). In fairness, I think MUBI’s thirty day limit is good for this sort of thing: it at least pushes me more towards watching stuff than Netflix or Amazon do leaving them in my permanent “to watch at some point” pile until they’re suddenly removed (and I suddenly have a hankering to watch them, natch)


Adam Buxton and Greta Gerwig were talking about it I think. they definitely made it sound not too daunting but I dunno.


Ah, I’d have heard it on there as well; but I remember it recently was mentioned on Filmspotting, when they were listing a top 5 of “quiet” (with varying interpretations of that word - relating to sound, understatedness, presence / absence of dialogue, etc.) scenes.


I’m really tempted to put The Comedy on now, but I think I want something more lighthearted.


I might do so before bed

May regret it


I’ve gone with Broken Flowers instead. I’ll save The Comedy for another night.


I just watched it. Definite bleak melancholy but there’s bits that I can envision being in my head for a while. Didn’t realise it was co-written by one of Labradford either; it kind of feels a bit like watching a Labradford track, in retrospect (if this makes sense)


oh hey Social Network is on


I got Zodiac out the library so I might watch it (possibly tonight) as both a self-curated two-film Fincher season and as a thematic companion with Bleeding Edge.



yeah I think it might be interesting to see how or if it holds up. was never a huge fan but quite liked it, but I can see it seeming quite dated already


I can’t remember too much about it myself tbh. I remember laughing from the very opening when I realised why Mark Zuckerberg had an issue with the portrayal of his character


Aye, i think I will watch Social Network tonight (on Netflix just cause MUBI was doing a fair bit of buffering last night). Sorry Mubes.


I Am Cuba is on today which is vvvv good


After Lucia ia on today as well which is alao vvv good (if dark)


Probably not going to renew (in November, I think).

Wouldn’t mind them increasing the price a bit but it’s in line with new starters so not really much point keeping it as I don’t use it that much.

Might buy the odd month if there’s something I really want to watch on there.


Have A Nice Day is on, seem to remember this getting some good praise last year


We’ve just signed up to a trial of this because of the cinema ticket thing.

I’m not sure I like the location harvesting it seems to require to search for nearby cinemas, but the sums seem to make it decent deal.


Oh wow I didn’t realise they were doing this! Chapter in Cardiff have signed up so this would be a fantastic deal for me. Amazing stuff.


hmm i might do this