Mubi 2018 (Rolling)


“consumers need to purchase the ticket at the venue itself, meaning it can’t be booked in advance.”

Booo. That’s far from clear from their blurb.

  1. We pick one great film every week
  2. You pick a cinema and showing time
  3. Take your code and watch the film


Anyone who’s had their price put up. If you go to cancel you get offered another year at the same price.


FYI if you get gft cinecard it comes with mubi for year (think the deal is ending soon though)


it’s graet, went to one of the free screenings of it


I didnt know they did this, is it available to existing customers?


I logged in this morning and couldn’t see a way. Or anything on their FAQs. Guess you’d probably need to go onto the price which I don’t know if it’d be worth it.


If you download the MUBI Go app (seperate to the normal MUBI app) you can access through your usual log in details. Seems to be working for me. It’s ‘A Star is Born’ this week and not overly fussed about seeing it - not many cinema choices near me either.


Mandy is the MubiGo film from tomorrow :+1:

Watched The Rover last night. Post-apocalyptic film set in Australia with Guy Pearce, Scoot McNairy and RPatz. Same director as Animal Kingdom so had high hopes. It was… just OK. The plot was really stupid and Pattinson overacts massively, but they do a good job of creating the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and it’s very well shot. A lot of brutal violence; feel like they’re were going for a Jeremy Saulnier kind of thing but it misses the mark, for me.

Enjoying the Hitchcock retrospective, though have seen a lot of them already.


:heart_decoration: Hitch


Buried’s just been put on which I remember really liking


I saw this last night, agree it was just OK. started off strong but it just gets a bit …dull


Mubi are doing a deal where it’s £48 for a year (half price), which includes the MubiGo weekly cinema ticket.

That seems like a bargain to me.


Is there a list of participating cinemas anywhere?


Annoyingly, I can’t see a full list on line, and it only gives you them when you open the app and it picks up your location.

We’ve used it the past couple of weeks, and it’s included all Curzons, Vues, the Barbican and Rio (if they’re showing the selected film).

You can’t pre-book seats and you can’t get the QR code until the day, but we’ve been going to early weekend screenings or picking up our ticket, going for dinner and then returning to the cinema.


Hmm OK. Would still be worth it, I imagine. I just already have Odeon Limitiless, Cinema Paradiso, Netflix AND Now TV. This might be a bit much.


Ha. We have none of the above.


Oh and BFI + PCC memberships on top of that, might have a problem.




PCC membership is great. Tenner a year, at least £2.50 off every ticket, weekly £1 screenings, and 10% off in Forbidden Planet. Probably the only thing I’ll miss about London.


Outside of the LFF, I haven’t been to the Prince Charles in years - it always seems to be 80s nostalgia marathons when I look at the listings.