Mubi/Mubi Go 2022

Thought might be worth having a seperate thread for recommendations of stuff on there

Watched 2 the other day
Shiva Baby - really, really good. Funny drama set almost completely at a shiva
Friends and Strangers - Kinda aimless Australian film, just following a few different people. Not brilliant but worth a watch as has some funny moments

Watched Titane at the cinema, hadn’t seen any review or synopsis, maybe the most fucked up film I’ve seen. Didnt think it was great but was never bored, I guess


Enjoyed this film so so much.


Finally binned Netflix so might sign up for this. Echo your thoughts on Titane, that film was a…lot.

Good idea, I don’t often go into the film threads because they get so unwieldy but I do have a Mubi account that I’d like to get more use out of this year.

Yeah one of my resolutions is to get more use out of it, only watched 1 or 2 last year

Limbo, was one of them which again is really good, about asylum seekers on a Scottish island and I think is still up there


I think the last film I watched on there was Maelstrom which I enjoyed – started to watch Annette a week ago but decided in the first 10 mins that I really wasn’t in the mood for it.

Its been a bit weak Mubi recently but it did just put up Apostasy which is great and Deerskin is a real romp

I really need to use it more, get through about 3 films a month at the moment which I guess justifies the £6 but there’s loads of good stuff I just don’t get round to and they removed loads of stuff on my watch list at the start of this month.

Mubi go this week is Cow btw

Do they still do intro offers?

You can get a months free trial, can send you a link if you want

They are doing one at the moment, three months for £1.

EDIT: Actually, I think that’s just expired.

Yes please

They often do a thing where you can send a specific film to a friend if you’ve hit watched it to entice them in so if anyone reading the thread thinks they’d like to watch a specific film mentioned, might be able to share

All sorted thanks @TKC gonna watch black bear tonight

this might still work for 3 months

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I watched Adieu Boheme last night which I really liked.

My usage of Mubi really dropped off after lockdown. Find a lot of the selection now just not really to my taste, there’s only so many extremely slow and meandering ~meditations on life~ films I can stand to watch nowadays which makes up for quite a lot of their additions.

Considering cancelling this and switching to BFI for a bit.


If you threaten to cancel you can usually get it for like £3 a month

BFI is good but doesnt update too frequently


Yeah, despite the big back catalogue that’s now available in the Library part, we also got Disney+ and Netflix in lockdown, so have spent most of our time watching programmes and films on there.

We really liked the MubiGo part too, and used to go most weeks, but we’ve only been to the cinema once since March 2020.

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