Where the fuck does the definition of muesli begin and end? Muesli has been steadily becoming sweeter and sweeter over the last 22 years and it’s time we took a stand. If not for our sake then for our childrens’s.

Clusters are NOT muesli.

There. I said it.


I refer to Muesli as “Dusty Raisins”



Utterly dreadful stuff.

When I put the lid back on my muesli container it blows a load of dust all over the countertop.

Pretty annoying.

Mue and sli, always
And forever

It’s really weird how much dust there is in a food product that people pay money to eat

Yeah, me too, is there a way around this though?

sherbert u cnt b srs

I’ve been thinking about inventing an electric razor with an inbuilt hoover for the hairs. I think a muesli box with an inbuilt hoover for the dust would be fine.

I don’t really know how hoovers work and have a premonition of dying in a black hole

I need to get a hoover. I don’t think I will die in a black hole. Black holes are a thing in the film Interstellar which also involves dust. This brings things nicely back to Muesli.

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Always love the idea of muesli, always find it too sweet or with bits in that I don’t like.

Is it @meowington who has a muesli station at home where she can modify her own muesli mix to taste? I totally aspire to that.

gateway drug to granola


How will this hoover differentiate between the dust and actual muesli?

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Muesli is dust?

*muesli bar


Ok… How will it differentiate between muesli dust and muesli solids?

Some sort of filter, thanks.

Just wanted to say you’re both doing a smashing job with this.

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