Mug rules

You’re making a hot beverage and have to choose a mug. Obviously we all have a strict set of mug rules for making this decision. Mine are as follows.

The drink is for me and I’m at home:

  • if it’s a bad day, David Shrigley FUCK OFF mug, unless it’s Friday or the weekend
  • if it’s a bad day and it’s Friday or the weekend, David Shrigley what the hell are you doing mug
  • default of the labware mugs that have volume markings on the side
  • if none of the above available, Jack Daniels mug (suboptimal because it’s slightly too small)
  • no difference for tea or coffee

The drink is for me and I’m at work:

  • blue communal mug as first preference, as they’re thicker and bigger
  • red communal mug as backup

The drink is for 'er indoors:

  • nice earthy coloured ones that she likes
  • Cath Kidston mug as backup
  • third choice is her I :heart: spreadsheets mug
  • fourth is the labware ones mentioned above
  • bottom is anything with a fucking owl on it, i.e. the rest

At my parents’ house: my mum’s I :heart: maths mug
At my bf’s house: usually just a plain white mug, if unavailable then panda mug or dinosaur mug
At work: don’t drink hot drinks

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She does, I don’t


At home, these for tea (super large), coffee (medium) or espresso (espresso sized) because handles are for losers, as is single insulation.


At work it’s the large grubby mug of filthy shame.’s-Pursuits-‘Cricket’-Fine-Bone-China.jpg

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At work, it’s my Oxford United that if anyone else touches I will fire them into the sun.

At home, I rotate a few but we mostly drink coffee out of my girlfriend’s favourite mugs which I’m not so keen on (look nice but too small)

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Drink of tea just me, John Atkinson Grimshaw mug
Drink of tea for me and my beloved, 1 x bee mug, 1 x shark mug
Drink of v60 coffee for just me, blue Norge mug
Coffee from the mokka pot - little bird mugs
Hot chocolate - father ted Chinese mug

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Rough as fuck sugary hangover tea, classy sports direct mug

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My daughter bought me the same Dad Joke mug from the Father’s Day school stall two years running, so I guess she gets it?

Anyway I try yo use those always because she likes me to use them.

For our evening Chamomile tea we normally have a pair of handmade earthenware handle less mugs that were a present.

For coffee it’s the really small Marimeko mugs.

Use these pretty much all the time at home

Unfortunately the Xmas mugs are still knocking around and some people are not respecting the ‘only use the Xmas mugs at Xmas’ rule at the moment which, as you can imagine, is upsetting


Either one from the draining board or the closest one when i open the cupboard (all beverages, all days, all people)

My mug at work is a Run DMC mug. My mug at home is a £2 mug from John Lewis I bought over 10 years ago when I moved in. Very little deviation from me.

Breakfast/morning coffee- Big ol’ American diner mug
Early evening- Cactus-style mug
After 8ish- Big Lebowski mug (smaller so I don’t drink too much tea)

Whatever I see first that is large enough and not annoyingly shaped - things like 3d faces, weird rims, etc

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  • Which ever mug is knocking around, normally a British Tea Power one, but I have no personal mug.
  • Wife has some nice mugs she likes to drink out of so will make a drink in one of those if available
  • If we have guests, crack the Emma Bridgewater bird series out.


  • I bring my bamboo keep cup in and drink from that. Refuse to drink from any of the communal cups as they’re grotty

Work: personalised one with my cartoon face on

Home: supersize pound shop flower mug


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All coffee (bar fancy frothy ones) must be drunk from one of my thick, heavy diner type mugs. It’s just not the same out of anything else. I only have 2 so they get emergency washed up a lot

Tea is always drunk from a thinner china type mug. Usually one of my many “brighton big dog” mugs (it’s a mountain bike race and they do a different coloured mug every year). Or my newish Shining mug

I like tea mugs to be this size and I don’t really like mugs that are a different size - especially all those narrow ones my mum has that don’t fit enough tea in them


Do you keep your mugs on a mug tree?

  • Of course I do
  • A what now?

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Rug Mules.