Mulholland Drive

Any good?
Modern classic or pretentious twaddle?

Asking for a friend

I think it’s as close to a perfect film as you can get. Think it’s up there with Caché as one of the best films of the new Willenium.

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It’s justifiably pretentious.


Load of bollocks mate, had no idea what was going on. Suggest watching a guy richie film instead.


Watched it when half cut after a house party, and thought it was by turns the most boring and silliest film I’d ever seen.

Should probably rewatch it given the critical acclaim, but not sure I’ll ever be able to do anything but laugh at the Klingon behind the bin and wonder what people see in it.

  • Load of bollocks
  • Pretentious twaddle

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It’s superb. But it doesn’t need to be 3 hours long in my opinion.

Once it clicks and you finally understand what it means then it spreads out before you and takes your breath away with its unending genius

If you can’t untangle the riddle though it probably looks like beautiful, sad nonsense


it’s 2h 27m

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it’s very good but it knows it is

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what does this mean

It’s ruddy brilliant.

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It means TKC is Mike Skinner


Oh I thought it was the full 180. I stand corrected. But it is still too long I think.

it’s a little smug (like most Lynch’s stuff tbh) but still good

saw him at Glastonbury once. he kept shouting SHIT ON THE VILLA. was a bit much

Didn’t know you were a Villa fan

nah, it’s boring as fuck.

think people feel they have to pretend to like it just to show they ‘get it’ but it’s 4hrs long and SO SHIT. can’t be doing with david lynch at all.

I hated it. I love neo-noir stuff, and like the sort of dreaminess of most of Lynch’s work, but there’s no real substance to this. Blue Velvet is a much superior film, but even that’s overrated.