Mulholland Drive

Thought for a minute you meant David Lynch. That would’ve been worth seeing


just a load of rAnDoM wacky shit stuck together masquerading as “art” for pseudo-intellectuals who still live with their parents, basically


more like dullholland drive mirite lol

Yeah but it feels like 4

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Butthole and Drivel, s’what I call it

(I really like it)

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It’s a great film. I think I just about prefer Lost Highway but they were both pivotal films for me in discovering what cinema was capable of.

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Just popping out the window for a quick watch of Lost Highway, eh? Don’t blame you chief. Cracking film.


One of my favourite films, love almost everything about it. Don’t understand much but thoroughly enjoy the ride.

And I never felt like I had to try to like it, as I have with some artier films - it just appealed to me on the most basic levels of story, score, acting etc right from the start.


This is actually the only Lynch film I’ve seen…I think. :open_mouth:

It’s one of my favourite films, but it took me a couple of watches. First time I was somewhat bemused but there was enough about it that I found myself thinking about at random times (random moments / it has an atmosphere that’s easy to sink into) and that drew me back and then it delivers so much more as you put it all together.

Last time I watched it, one thought I had was how - when I watch a “great filmmaker” or whatever - I’m impressed with some awareness of what they’re doing technically. Mulholland Drive leaves such a huge impression, and I’m not entirely sure why at points. For example, I can’t fully account for how much dread and eerieness there is in that Winkie’s scene


It’s fucking brilliant, easily in my top 10 - Naomi Watts has never bettered that performance (aside from Diana, obviously)


Camilla Rhodes / Camilla Parker-Bowles


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I suppose its worth a watch. There are some goods bits in it, and some really really good bits, but it just doesn’t work as a whole film for me. You’d almost gain just as much by watching clips of the best bits on Youtube. Fuck David Lynch.

Wasn’t one of her characters in MD called Diane? :open_mouth:

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Strongly disagree with that. Part of the pleasure of Lynch films is the atmosphere he builds over time, and the recurring motifs you only half-notice, all of which is completely lost if you just go on Youtube and look up the lol weird face behind the bins scene.


Stating the obvious but if you ever get the chance to see it in the cinema then never turn it down, had only seen it on DVD until about 2013 when BFI did a retrospective and GODDAMN


Mulolhololand Drive, more like! Amirite?

(It’s one of my favourite films)

LOL Highway