Mulled Wine Cauldron



@Jeremys_Iron here’s your Friday treat.

Took severeal photos of this trying to keep my reflection off the cauldron until I realised I could just snap the box.

Tharrrrsday Thread :whale:

can still see your reflection



What a beauty!


What’s the thing bottom-left? The ladle?


It’s deceptive too - looks tiny but holds two full bottles and they stay really hot while the candle burns




Has a ladle slot so you can just leave it in the cauldron


It looks very Kubrickian in design but that might be the massive monolith you have in your kitchen.


My old housemate used to have something like this contraption:


Something quite perverted about that. Couple of those and then slip between the black satin sheets for something unspeakable.


It is the kind of thing you expect to see in the background of Women In Love.


Now a banned act.