Multi-pack ice creams that don't have what the ice cream is on the individual wrapper

I bin the box and these HD sticks don’t say what they are and I got two different packs. Shit, isn’t it not?

Seems to me like you didn’t do some fairly basic research.

Almost entirely unrelated: I’d give anything for a Maxibon right now.

Just buy choc ices, you bourgeoisie prick!


Are you talking a multipack of magnums with no discernible way to see which ones are white chocolate etc?

Yeah I like a Maxibon too. Multipack ones are a little smaller though. Imagine a Maxibon with higher quality ice cream…

Well these are Haagen-Dazs but the point would also stand for Magnums.

And I am talking two separate boxes that I have just loosely emptied into my freezer.

Pain in the arse innit

Alright, the Queen!


Got back to your diaphragm.

I really doubt you’re that well endowed.

savers can’t be choosers!!!

Those ice lollies that have three colours. The magic of science, really.

These are my new favourites.

Do they have that soy taste?

What is the inner packaging like?

are you an own-brand wanker?

Please give me the respect of reading the thread.

I’d demolish a maxibon right now. it’s not even sunny.

What Movenpick did you have the other day Lonz?

coconut ice-cream is a bollocks. tastes like water.

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