Multi-purpose Snooker Thread 2021 (ft. lots of baize)

who’s gonna win?

and, unrelated, how many times this week have you seen that Sky Movies advert? I reckon at least 30, it’s doing my head in

Now questioning if anyone watches family movies. And hating Idris. How has it come to this??

I always root for Ronnie. Reckon he will win…

just went for a wee and missed the end of that frame, what a wally

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you won’t believe what happens in this



morphy - williams has been good


Was some cracking pots by Murphy

Would one of the @moderators be kind enough to change the title of this to 2021, please? It doesn’t seem worth starting a new thread. TVM

…or just take 2020 out. Or add a “+”.

Thanks for sorting this out!

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absolute cracker yesterday from Ding and Ronnie

Have decided re-spotted black is boring and need something new to replace it.

Ronnie Higgins shaping up nicely, Higgins just cleared 145


5 centuries in a row is some going between the two of them.

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take a fucking bow, son

20! he’ll win the worlds before a player born in the 90s does

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Think it hinged on that incredible clearance to won on the respotted black really.

Fair shout this!

Bit of a scrap all in last night but was fucking delighted to see Yan win it. He’s a cut above the post-Ding top Chinese players in that he has a natural instinct for the matchplay side of the game. Loads of exciting lads with all the talent in the world on the tour but none have managed to break through decisively and win major tournaments. Great to see.