Multipurpose island thread


Good evening.

What are your favourite islands?
Been to any good islands lately?
Bit scared of islands for some reason?
The most dangerous isle of all… the isle of man?
Is Australia an island?

Apropos of nothing, here are my top 5:

Vancouver island - victoria + rainforest + oh canada
Isla mujeres - cracking turtle sanctuary
Sardinia - grudgingly went on a beach holiday here knowing id hate it. It was wonderful. Great wine too. And sabadas!!!
Lindisfarne - puffins! Love a good tidal island.
Mont st michel - ditto. Could do with more puffins though.

Torcello and burano just miss out - bit underwhelmed by venice, but really liked both these islands in the lagoon.


This cow escaped and now lives on an island




everything’s an island






islands in the stream

that is what we are


I am a rock
I am an i


would like to go to st kilda. lots of puffins there. :penguin:

i know that’s a penguin but there isn’t a puffin emoji




Nomanisan Island.


puff in puff in puff in PUFF OUT


Monster Island even if it is more of a peninsular


Actually, this is a particular non-Irish favourite.


This one, that is French for half the year and Spanish for the other half


Possibly because it’s linked to this weird shit.


would love to visit all the Scottish islands.

closer to home might try and visit an irish island this year. has anyone been to one

tristan da cunha / st Helena / ascension =. let me live there please


The Aran Islands are great in the summer.



i think the Isle of Arran is closer! :laughing:

tory island sounds fun