Multipurpose Pet Thread


Anything you want

:hamster: :wolf: :rabbit: :chipmunk: :lizard: :frog:


Rex the hamster:



You didn’t tell us their names


huey dewey and louie


Dunno if I should be concerned that was my first thought as well.


Japes jpigs and jspacemen


I’ve got a cat called Nina that I got from the RSPCA nearly ten years ago. They told me that she was 6-18 months but vets have subsequently told me that she’s probably a few years older than that. On the latest visit to the vets they also told us that she’s probably blind too. Poor puss.


Have a distinctly pet shaped hole in my life right now. Think I’m gonna get one of these guys

Open to any name suggestions




Ooh they do look like Arnold’s don’t they! Little smiley Arnie


anyone got a tortoise?


his hair reminds me of toby from the west wing.


My mum had one when I was a kid, but it hibernated one winter and never woke up :frowning: :turtle:


Whay age?