Mum S2 (Update: S3, too)

Really excellent, isn’t it?

When she walked up to and opened the fridge at the end of the last one… :hugs:

It’s excellent, Peter Mullan is so good in it too.

Hope they don’t get together though, the “What if I just miss John” line last week was so perfect.

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I think they will. And at that point, I might do a small tear, which I came close to with the whirligig clothes line scene.

It’s a wonderful show. Clever writer. Did Him & Her too.

Found it a bit try-hard.

never heard of this

was gonna watch Northern Exposure but might go with this instead

Series 3 is all up on iPlayer.

Just watched the first two EPs. Cracking stuff. Just when it lulls you into thinking it’s an easy going light fun-excruciating :grimacing: watch, a cheeky curveball turns up causing a belly laugh or a near teary eye.

Perfectly acted.

S1 and S2 are also available for a couple of months, so get it binged if you’ve not seen any yet.


This program really is perfect. I love it.

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Caught Ep 3 last night. The grandparents are better than ever. The girlfriend is great now she’s moving away from being oblivious and is now fostering a more affectionate attitude toward Cathy. The son is obviously a scrote, but there’s time left in the series for redemption.

For anyone who’s not on board yet, think Detectorists (with maybe a smidge of Grandma’s House).

You need this in your life.

Did ya?

Completely forgot

Glad to be of service. :alarm_clock:

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Absolutely loved this and watched all 3 seasons in a few days - great stuff.
The whole thing is just so fucking well done.
Lesley Manville is remarkable

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Yep. Yep. Yep. Watched S3 Eps 4 & 5 last night. Howled laughing and was close to tears within very short spaces of time.

All the character arcs are brilliant.

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