Mum S2 (Update: S3, too)

Really excellent, isn’t it?

When she walked up to and opened the fridge at the end of the last one… :hugs:

It’s excellent, Peter Mullan is so good in it too.

Hope they don’t get together though, the “What if I just miss John” line last week was so perfect.

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I think they will. And at that point, I might do a small tear, which I came close to with the whirligig clothes line scene.

It’s a wonderful show. Clever writer. Did Him & Her too.

Found it a bit try-hard.

never heard of this

was gonna watch Northern Exposure but might go with this instead

Series 3 is all up on iPlayer.

Just watched the first two EPs. Cracking stuff. Just when it lulls you into thinking it’s an easy going light fun-excruciating :grimacing: watch, a cheeky curveball turns up causing a belly laugh or a near teary eye.

Perfectly acted.

S1 and S2 are also available for a couple of months, so get it binged if you’ve not seen any yet.


This program really is perfect. I love it.

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Caught Ep 3 last night. The grandparents are better than ever. The girlfriend is great now she’s moving away from being oblivious and is now fostering a more affectionate attitude toward Cathy. The son is obviously a scrote, but there’s time left in the series for redemption.

For anyone who’s not on board yet, think Detectorists (with maybe a smidge of Grandma’s House).

You need this in your life.

Did ya?

Completely forgot

Glad to be of service. :alarm_clock:

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Absolutely loved this and watched all 3 seasons in a few days - great stuff.
The whole thing is just so fucking well done.
Lesley Manville is remarkable

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Yep. Yep. Yep. Watched S3 Eps 4 & 5 last night. Howled laughing and was close to tears within very short spaces of time.

All the character arcs are brilliant.

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i am now FIVE episodes in


I need to get on to Marriage. Passed me by when it came out. Available on iPlayer for another couple of months.

Dino of it’ll be up to the standard of Him & Her and Mum, but sounds promising.