Mum's Music Appreciation Thread

Good evening.

I was wondering if we could have a mum’s appreciation thread. Anything from YouTube Links to photos, or anything really.

My mum is very ill in hospital at the moment and whenever I listen to one of my top favourite albums…this song always made me think of my mum/

Musm’s related…anything mum really. Apart from MILF type stuff.


Sorry to hear about your mum :heart:

Kate Bush is one of my mum’s favourite artists, and they looked pretty similar when they were younger too (same wild big hair). Mother Stands for Comfort is such a good track (but then they all are).

My mum is amazing, I’m so lucky to have her. Just an incredible human, she’d do anything for anyone and has worked her fingers to the bone for me and my sister. I can talk to her about anything and genuinely don’t know what I’d do without her love and support.

I also have a father, who invokes similar feelings.


Kozelek’s best track is about his love for his mother

Should add this a sad and emotional one so take care if you decide to listen


:disappointed: so short :pleading_face:

Cash will always be one of my favourite singers :pleading_face:

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My mom would divorce my dad after 40 years of marriage for Phil Collins in a heartbeat.

I also hope your mother is doing better.