Mun Day


Have we got a daily thread? I can’t see one.

Let me start one with a downer. Text from the bank – “Please transfer £217 by 3pm today to avoid fees”

From where, Barclays? From where?

I’ve got the Open this weekend so rehearsals every night this week. What are you up to, drownedinsound?



Husband is away for work and my pathetic inability to sleep properly when I have a king size bed to myself is shameful.


can we still buy your book or are they all gone??


I also am having financial worry Monday! I know it doesn’t help you directly, but you’re definitely not the only one. Other than that, it’s the last day before our daughter goes to school, so we’re going to try to do some nice things (and also work, always work). Hope your rehearsals go well.


Argh, not the way to start your day. Hope you can sort out money woes. Such a stress.
Sooooooooo tired. Up late listing stuff on eBay. Got a ultra high caffeine coffee from my fave place though so gonna be wired


back at work after a week off - massively CBA

  • had to get and out to early for a train to Birmingham
  • said train is supposed to be leaving in five minutes but doesn’t have a platform yet
  • pretty short day as a result
  • boss is taking me on a walking tour of the Jewellery Quarter!

Edit: Awww this was meant to be a 2 negative / 2 positive but NuDiS just formats it as a list and I can see why those things died off as a format here huh


Off today. Work related dread is higher than it should be


Sadly all gone.

I mean, not sadly, I was pretty pleased at the time. I need to get this kickstarter thing sorted for a new one.


I have to go and work in a shop today. Why did i agree to this?


Stomach is being a dick. Got a bunch of annoying work stuff to do today. Got saddle-centric aches and pains.



Feel like I’m coming down with a cough or something, got a tickle in the back of my throat. Great stuff for my upcoming 600km bike ride on Saturday for fucks sake.

Gonna take it very easy I think.


working from home cause I’m on day 3 of the flu

not sure if this will even work but I dont want to take a sick day


i had set up a reminder to cancel my google music play music by google free trial before the subscription kicked in. but of course i set the reminder in google calendar so they just didn’t bother to show it to me and now i’ve been billed for a month. google pricks.

it’s not even any good. MONDAY


It’s worth a mention that I’ve been absolutely nailing the new IDLES all weekend and it’s absolutely marvellous. Good music taking the edge off.

Also, we took the boy to Calke Abbey on Saturday and had a lovely walk around looking at deer. For some reason whenever I take a photo of him at the moment he does something like this:



Went to an urgent walk in at a hospital that’s not my local and I was so shocked by how empty it was?? Mine is a 4hour wait minimum and it’s normal to see people sitting on the floor in the waiting room as the chairs are all gone


was trying to figure out why he had pictures of syringes on his shirt


joined a gang. best protect ya neck yo


Morning all!

My photo shoot that I was meant to be doing today has moved tomorrow. I think that might mean that the weather will be better, but we’ll see.

Traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be given that the schools are meant to be back. Maybe there’s inset days today and the hellish commute will return later this week.


Just spoke to a person and their surname was @Smee! DiS IRL!