What’s for lunch then?

Szechuan aubergine, tofu and green peppers for me

Ham and cheese roll from the sandwich man. First weekday bread I’ve had in a fortnight but fuck off am I going outside today.

I don’t know. Got a new starter so I think I need to take him to lunch? Urgh.

Got a presentation to do after 1pm so brought the ultimate misery sandwich with me today so I don’t have to go to the canteen. Cheese sandwich on white toastie bread using Tesco value pre-sliced mild cheddar. Quite enjoyed it tbh.

Would smash a Bakewell Pudding right now though

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Chicken satay sub, packet of crisps, Tunnock’s caramel wafer.

I shouldn’t have eaten at least a third of that, I still don’t have much of an appetite and I now feel a bit :nauseated_face:

I’d like that. Is it a recipe? or shop bought?

I had £5 left on a pret gift card so I got a tomato soup AND a italian flatbread sandwich with a chocolate and almond butter cookie and some salted popcorn

Leftover takeaway. Was really good and cheap and massive portions. Might have found my new go to Chinese tbh.

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See I am too nervous to order chinese take away cause I feel like it might always be crap??
Like I only used to get egg fried rice and sweet and sour something so im imagining that??

There’s a massive Chinese student (and alumni) population in Sheffield so there are quite a few good ones. Loads of shit before I found the nice ones though

A salad of avocado, roast butternut squash, spinach, edamame, piquillo peppers, broccoli, beetroot, hummus, Omega seeds, Chia seeds, quinoa, pomegranate and mixed leaves with a basil & lemon dressing