Mundane things you're excited for

  • my exam to be done with

  • the Friday after my exam: changing my bed linen, hoovering my room, having a hot shower, lighting a candle and moisturising :blush:

  • my mum’s reaction when she sees that, despite telling her i didn’t get her any stamps from San Marino, I actually got her a pack of 30 that includes Disney (she loves Disney and used to work for the Disney Store) and Olympic stamps as her Mother’s Day present :heart:

  • going to an away game by the sea on Bank Holiday Friday :slight_smile:

Manchester United vs Watford

  • hometime
  • doing a pokemon go ex raid at lunchtime tomorrow with my pal
  • therapy next week cos i had a proper lightbulb moment this morning as to why my brain is a disaster
  • leicester city football club to play another game of football this weekend
  • saying ‘whyyyy hellooooo jiiillllll’ to my mum in this style next time I see her Why Hello Jill - YouTube (yes my name is jack and her name is jill, have a biscuit)


Worthing! I have never been before and it’s a bit of a pain to get to on the train, but the club is running a supporters’ coach apparently.



Ah, quite like Worthing. My best ATD lives there. Could give you a massive list of nice places to drink, but as you’re there for the footie maybe not

I’d say Leeds v Millwall… but more lies on the outcome of our match than yours :grimacing:
Err Friday… as its the weekend:partying_face:



Getting THESE when I see my sister tonight


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*excited for about!


Going home and picking my daughter up.
Finding out what’s for dinner

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you just squeeze a bit into water and it apparently tastes like a frappucino

excited to taste test

i need it


Finishing the book I’m currently reading so that I can move on to something else. I’m really not enjoying it, but hate giving up unless it’s totally unreadable.

The book is Gold Boy, Emerald Girl by Yiyun Li, by the way.

April 6th (day after dissertation deadline)

9pm on Friday (when this “influencer” (yuck) job is mostly done)

Having a chai in about 30 minutes

End of my period

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What’s your dissertation about Scoutso?

Clearing a load of stuff off my credit card on payday (tomorrow)