Morning team, how the devil are you?

Still angry I spent my time and money on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last night. The highlight was some brazen fucker lighting up a cigarette during the film, and being escorted out by staff.

10 Mondays in this crappy job to go, so I’m up with a spring in my step today.

Tell me about your weekends.


My weekend was pretty chill. Drank beers with the ATDs.

Now going Down South for my Grandma’s funeral.


Its a good job this week is a 3 day week for me.

Its a bad job that is my current occupation

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Looked for my phone all night. Was outside my door. Dreamed about Gilmore Girls.

The neighbour’s cat followed us all the way to nursery, wish I could take him to work


It’s what Tarantino would have wanted.


Don’t know, he didn’t smash any women’s faces against anything on the way out

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Fair point. Did he at least remember to gratuitously use the N-word?

Weekend: did fuck all

Today: going to wfh and do fuck all

Start new job/back at old job today. Actually weirdly looking forward to it? Guess i’m a tory after all. Got a decent night’s sleep. Having smoothie and granola (separately) for breakfast and a pot of coffee, watching Seinfeld. Feels like a good morning.

I’m sure this wont last long though.


Friday: Ghost Walk :ghost: followed by big night out in Dollars
Saturday: First rehearsal for easylaughs to start my 3 month trial as one of their cast members then a fun musical improv jam in the afternoon / evening with some randos.
Sunday: Lunch with friends and spent the rest of the day with a friend of mine.
Monday: Work then going for a hike this evening.


Hi gang. Sat in the car about to leave green man. Had a wonderful weekend. Best honeymoon eva. Maccas breakfast and a trip home. Get to see ma babe later as well :hugs:


morning all :wave:

have a boring hospital checkup appointment today that I totally forgot about til yesterday, so I will be doing some impromptu working from home this morning and then going in this afternoon. normally I’d wfh all day but I left my work laptop at work and can’t really do much without it, so needs must :tired_face:

weekend was 7/10, no issues, involved football and pizza so can’t complain too much

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Woah, good luck with it!


Christ, I’ve just looked in the mirror for the first time since Thursday :confounded:


Thanks Theo, went really well Saturday, really excited about it

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Ooh it’s new notepad day as well. Look out, ryman!!!


What is your notepad of choice?


Had traumatic start to the day. I went to make some toast then noticed that the bread was mouldy.

Lucky save you say?

I made and ate a sandwich using the same bread just last night


Got Schroedinger’s work today - if this thing that came up on Friday turns out to be an actual thing it’s going to be stressful and shit, otherwise it might be fine



Didn’t sleep enough hours, going to write today off.



My mate told me how she’d occasionally come home from clubbing off her tits and make a bit of toast before bed and then come down in the morning and her mum would say, “oh no, the bread’s off” and just hold up a loaf that was mostly green. :grimacing: