Morning all. Can’t be arsed.

Played with my old band for the last time yesterday. Won a contest.


Did you all drink prosecco out of it?

Good work!

Spent hours cleaning my house yesterday, felt so fucking proud of myself at the end of it, the place is a fucking museum now (bar one room).

Only five more days of work then got some people coming to stay for DE VIERDAAGSE. Struggling to contain my excitement. Not doing the walk, but Nijmegen erupts into a massive festival for the week. My local park has Parquet Courts playing for free. S’gonna be A M A Z I N G.


miserable, maaaaaan

Congrats on winning, but why are you so mad at that trophy?

Today’s my 199th consecutive lie-in.

Probably just walk to the grocers around 2pm-ish, make a massive salad and go back to bed.

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I tend not to smile.

And thanks.


I drank many beers :weary:

Morning all. Back in the office for the first day since Wednesday, after going to Cornwall for the weekend. I bloody love Cornwall. I’d kind of forgotten how much I like the place, but the beaches and the views, and the endless supply of pasties and ice cream. Seeing Bjork at the Eden Project was pretty good too, although she really should have played more hits. The support - Lanark Artefax - was a great discovery too.

The drive back and toddler bedtime last night were rubbish though. Think I’ll take that to the Dadsnet thread though :confused:

First day back at work after a week off for potty training, and have been quite looking forward to adult chat and warm coffee and a nice easy return to work and using my brain. Except it turns out that none of the things that I thought were being moved along while I was off have been remotely touched. I now have to do two weeks’ work this week. Actually make that 2.5, since next week I’m out of the office loads (Michelle Obama event in Edinburgh, plus the Open at Carnoustie).
I can’t even get annoyed at my colleagues as it sounds like they have been swamped too in my absence. Grrrrrrrr. SO obviously I am posting on here to procrastinate further. :joy::rofl:



found at least two new diseases to convince myself I have :+1:

I’ve moved offices.

dwi fucking w, mates.

You’re gonna make some powerful enemies all along that side

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In this weather, I have all the power. They’re going to rue the fucking day. Just… generally.

You’re out of control…but at the controls of the thermostat.


Nothing like a Nicotine Yellow finish to add an air of class to an appliance.


You should see the carpets.

The floor is yours


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Do they match the drapes?