There aren’t any. Which is great, because they’d get in the way of this magnificent view.

Two degrees, a law course, and four years of gruelling professional exams for this. It was all worth it.


Hah, I know exactly where that is.

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Many a happy childhood Sunday chucking garden waste in one of those bins.

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Good practice for when you have to throw Eps’ corpse away, I suppose

I’ve had a shocker of a start.

  • Waited at the station for over 30 mins. No trains!
  • My bluetooth headphones ran out of battery so had to do that in silence.
  • Walking down old st, someone threw a shit load of cornflakes out of a hotel window and onto my head. Not fucking happy!

Everything can DO ONE.

(I’m also worried about the Princess being too hot indoors. She was grumpy AF yesterday cause of the heat)


  • didn’t get a job I interviewed for on Friday
  • Out of here to somewhere new next week anyway
  • some cunts stolen my chair again
  • 3 day week
  • missed the England match
  • Got a new record deal at the weekend

What a mixed bag!


That had plusses and minuses. Guess where they went, I guess. :frowning:

:joy: what?


I don’t even know.

I was just walking along and then half a box of cornflakes opened up on my head.
Had cornflakes in my hair and everything. Looked up, no one to be seen.


I’m 90% certain this was one of the biblical plagues. Might be time for the apocalypse.

Still, free breakfast

I should have waited for the milk really.


Probably guerilla marketing from those cereal cafe twats round the corner. Don’t even question this but you should deffo put a brick through their window on your lunch break.


Think I’ve avoided a proper hangover somehow. Driving back home shortly then working for the afternoon while the TV has taken the full day off. Pretty jelly.

How was the wedding my man? Did you kill it? :cake: = :sob: ?

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Are you fully trained up now?


My start date at new job is Monday. I should make it Tuesday instead right, because of the footballs and my love of booze?

  • Obviously yes
  • No just don’t drink

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Amazing day, thanks! The bride has become a really good friend as well (and the groom is my best mate from school) so just lovely.

Nailed the speech by all accounts. Wasn’t sure how my reference to the bride being the only person I’d ever met to have also read the heavily erotic Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels (which I devoured as a teen) would go down but her parents loved it!


Only two little accidents on the way in this morning!!