Balls to it yeah?

Sat in work absolutely knackered, after a mildly shitty weekend.

Side topic: Anyone know anything about YouTube? All my bass videos are branded with ‘PLAY’, but I don’t use that any more. My website is now a more general thing, and I want to rebrand my videos. If I update each video on YouTube, will they keep the stats and stuff? My Mario Kart one has just gone over 2000 views, which is cool, and I don’t want to lose that. Cheers.

Tell me about your Mondays, your weekends, and your YouTubes.


New intake of the graduate scheme I’m on (or have just left, I guess) starting today. I get to talk to them about our L&D offer. Lucky them!

Weather forecast says it’s going to be 25c later in London. In mid-September!


Morning M.Steve

Sorry to hear of your mildly shitty weekend.

My weekend was quite nice, for a change.

Also, this morning: NO TEARS AT PRESCHOOL DROP OFF :confetti_ball::grinning::tada::fireworks::balloon:

I mostly use youtube for Thomas & Friends videos so I have no idea of the mechanics of accounts unfortunately.



i’m on a train to manchester. going through thetford forest atm. once when i was a kid i went on an orienteering day in thetford forest, and two older kids were put in charge of supervising me, and they got us horribly lost in an incredibly stupid way and i was really annoyed because i had warned them as they were getting us lost that they were going to get us lost. happy childhood memories.

what’s good (and, crucially, free or very very cheap) to see and do in manchester? i haven’t been there since 2002 when i went to watch some of the commonwealth games.


I am v v tired


Manchester Museum
Museum of science and industry
Art Gallery
Rylands Library
whitworth art gallery
national football museum
war museum
one of scouts tours


So tired. But its shorts weather again so I am clutching on to the last gasp of summer while I can.

Theatre this evening.



you’re a star, cheers!


no probs. if you want a list of pubs/places to eat let me know where you are and I’ll hook you up :+1:

edit: the library and town hall are quite impressive too. as are the midland hotel and a few other places if buildings are your thing


had a mild panic there cause someone was calling me from Singapore about something I’ve organised to say they couldn’t get into the apartment I booked for them and I started worrying I had been scammed but it’s all good.

got absolutely nothing in my diary today so can get on with work :slight_smile:


Taking my car in for its MOT


Bit of a crunch week at work. Do not want.


much appreciated! think i’m ok wrt food, as i’m staying with my sister - mainly just looking for stuff to do while she’s working! :slight_smile:


Good weekend. After years of not bothering socialising with neighbours (short term rents etc), myself and the gf went round to ours on Friday and they were top. Upcycling a couple of pieces of furniture for the rest of it.

Doing a marathon in Austria this Sunday and the change in weather has hit my immune system. Throat, nose, the works. Doesn’t feel like a keeper though :crossed_fingers:


Got the day off work haven’t i.

Might get some waffles


mornin all

was just thinking on the way in that it is definitely noticeably colder now, and here’s all yous talking about wearing shorts and that. fuck sake.

had a pretty good weekend though


First priority this morning is looking through my calendar and finding what the soonest day is that I can book off as annual leave to sit around at home doing nothing for a day. I need one of those. Well, more than one, but that’ll do for now.

Supposed to have a small Netrunner tournament in the pub tonight but I think my baseline anxiety levels are too high for anything like that, but I’ll see how I feel later.

…i need a coffee


I am back on nights tonight.

Not done nights for 7 weeks. I’m going to die.


I do, but sadly not the answer to this

I can only recommend that you test it on a video with few views and see what happens.

Sorry for using logic over knowledge.


Waiting for my MOT breakfast

This place opened late this morning. 7 people have come in to complain that they had to go somewhere else in the 5 minutes I’ve been sat here. Get a life