Would have thought that was the study of stationery.

what this

Did it get beevey in there? I’m going in!

I’m waiting for my MOT to be done and having breakfast

in the garage?

No in the coffee shop down the street

like thomas the tank engine


i see

Instead of doing work I’m browsing through a load of benefits stuff I didn’t know I had access to. Can’t believe I’ve been missing out on 6% cashback on Interflora for these past three years.

Morning all, lovely day out, eh?

I forgot my headphones today, so I’ll to go for my walk at lunchtime listening to the birds and the wind blowing through the leaves in the trees. It’ll probably do me good tbh.

I am irked by this.

I tried my best!

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This isn’t affecting me in any way, shape or form and I’m still furious about it.


Morning all.

GF had a very early train this morning so I’m on Mark Wahlberg Time (MWT). I want to go back to bed.

Had a crazy busy week last week where I was the only member of the team in. Getting shit from my boss this morning for stuff not being done. I want to go back to bed.

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Have some sympathy man. she’s not a train person, she’s got a car


you could just catch up on sleep in one of your MWS (Mark Walberg showers)


Just tried listening to new Low – which I’ve been looking forward to – and Aphex Twin. Not in the mood for either, how disappointing.


feeling pretty fed up and anxious today - but it is a nice day out so that’s something

I don’t have much to do at work this week. Should I

  • Use the time to get ahead of some deadlines for next month
  • Cruise through the week, getting in late, leaving early, doing the bare minimum
  • Take a couple of days off, future Epimer will deal with future Epimer’s stuff

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