Munich anyone?!

Alright team,
I am heading to munich in october for work, have never been before, where’s a good area to stay?

NOT the hotels on Schillerstraße or the parallel streets. That’s the red light district now.

I stay in the Excelsior for work. That’s good if you need to be central, or near the main train station.


Oktoberfest isn’t in October, you n00b.

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fuck me I attempt ONE simpsons reference. like ever…

cheers Eps.

Nae worries.

I wouldn’t mention my name, though, because the last time I stayed there I had to order room service because I had SEVERE cheese-induced bumwee and the waitress insisted on wheeling my food into the room. It smelled… indescribable in there by that point.

Still, she didn’t so much as bat an eyelid, so it’s great customer service.

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If one of those other pricks had done a simpsons ref it would be on like 20 likes by now.

I hate this forum.

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I just got a like from Marckee for mine. MARCKEE.

fucks sake. that does it.

I’m quitting the forum!

for 30 minutes.

(day today reference - 15 likes please)

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i fancied watching this the other day after seeing it in that film list someone posted but it’s not on netflix any more.


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People tend to obsess with staying in the Altstadt, but the centre is so compact that you can walk pretty much anywhere. I like to stay on the east side of the river which is greener and quiter :+1:

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I was hoping that it would race to 20 likes…

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I take it Munich is good for a night out, cos i think i’ll stay out an additional night?

no country is safe from the epimers :wink:

They keep sneaking cheese into my food there. I go vegan while I’m over there now. It’s the only way to be safe.

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