Munich anyone?!

If you like beer, it’s cracking. Check out the Hofbrauhaus, Augustiner, and Lowenbrau breweries. I think they’re the most impressive spaces / best beers, but it’s hard to go wrong.

If you need culture at any point, the Glyptothek museum is excellent (if you like classical sculpture).


if you need some lederhosen, i’ve got some i’m willing to part with for a very reasonable price

well that was going to be my next query :slight_smile:

I was amazed when I was there during Frühlingsfest (basically a slightly smaller Oktoberfest, in Spring), I was amazed that everyone actually does wear Lederhosen and dirndls to go drinking in. Apparently they’re just for special occasions, so it’s like kilts for Scots, but I didn’t think they were an actual popular thing… I was wrong.

Been twice but wouldn’t recommend the second place I stayed in as it was quite far out of the centre. But on my first trip, this hostel was alright:

It was quite central, very clean and really near the Augustiner brewery that @hip_young_gunslinger mentioned which is well worth checking out. Perfect place to have a pint outdoors on an autumn’s day :beers:

hostel?! companys paying ma man, gonna fucking 5 star it up :wink:


That was the hostel I stayed that, and it IS right opposite Augustiner.

It is also a stag-stuffed hell hole of vomit and people passed out in the hallways. Lopes, you can do better.


yeah. on our first day at oktoberfest we just went in regular clothes, quickly realised that the cheapo fancy dress ones we’d bought from home for the next night weren’t going to cut it so had to shell out for the real thing. €200 is a small price to pay to avoid being publicly shamed

Also, if you really want, I can try and dig out the tiny strip club one of the stag lads took us too (by hailing a cab and shouting at the driver “TABLE DANCING BITTE!”). We had a funny old time. The guy who took us there paid our cover charge (about 20 euros to sit down and have a bottle of Becks), then bought himself and the stag a private dance. One of the other guys had a private dance where the dancer made him take his shirt off to maker her feel more comfortable, then when he tried to make conversation, he asked her where she was from, and she said Kiev. “Oh, you’re Ukrainian?” he replied, to which she shouted. “NO! I AM RUSSIAN!”

The guy who dragged us there ghosted us, we found him the next morning in the hostel, he’d apparently got in a cab by himself, realised he had no cash, asked the driver to accept pounds (he wouldn’t), had to beg a loan from the reception desk, fell asleep and threw up all over the floor round his bed. When he came downstairs, he told us he thought he’d been mugged, until we pointed out the various ways he’d spent his money the night before.


I did come away hankering after a pair. Apparently it’s quite common just to piss in them rather than wasting time going to the bogs, which makes it all the grosser that fathers pass them on to their sons.

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Oh well in that case… :smile:

@hip_young_gunslinger it wasn’t so stag orientated when I visited. I was there solo in a six bed dorm but it was half empty with only two other travellers staying whilst I was there. This was in early May though so I can imagine that come September, it’s like hell on earth…

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I’m there next week, Tuesday afternoon till Thursday afternoon, with Bayern Munich v Leipzig in the middle.

What’re you recommending @lo-pan?

We drank at a couple of good wee places, what the fuck were they called again🤔
Let me speak to my guy who was with me and get back to you.
Really enjoyed Munich.

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I am going this weekend, planning on drinking lots of beer but what museums should I be visiting as ‘spacers’

Patent museum in the European Patent Office.

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