Murder Island

There’s been a mrrrrdurrrrrr

Anybody else watching this? I’d say me and my wife would fancy ourselves as amateur detectives like some of these people on the show.

Too early to know who’s doing well but Dot and Rox don’t seem to be covering themselves in glory.

Seems a bit of a shame that it’s one episode a week, going to forget everything by the time it comes around again.

Good to see Gregory Porter branching out too

Planning to tomorrow as it seemed fun, worth it?

I’d go on there and be a goddam maverick who plays by his (slash my!) own rules


They should combine this with Love Island and Married at First Sight to create a really edgy Fuck, Marry, Kill.


It’s ok so far but really only scratching the surface by the end of the episode, barely seen anything of the old lady detective club yet. Really puzzled that they’ve done it one a week though, really seems like the kind of thing that benefits from being watched as closely together as possible. Unless I’m missing it there doesn’t seem to be an option to stream all the episodes on all4

don’t worry, it’s just a name!


Amazing how expectations are that stuff should be just released in one go now. Live TV is still more popular than streaming, channels aren’t going to dump something they think will be a ratings winner and has an element of suspense in one go.

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Yeah I think particularly with these sorts of ‘game shows’ (I dunno how else to formulate it) it’s a good thing.

I’m sure Netflix just dumped all of S2 of Blown Away on the service at once and that was a real shame as you lose all that ability to discuss it with friends and so forth.

Really hope they get good at quizzing the islanders/actors to the point where they run out of preplanned dialogue and get stuck lick a videogame NPC repeating the same line over and over.

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So who do we think did it? Who is calling it now?

I did enjoy it and like the format, I did cringe when they got their feedback and how some of them tampered with the evidence. Goes to show to how many things you’ve got to be aware of in those situations because I imagine they were all in the mind of ‘I’m going to do this perfectly and smash it’

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Probably the lad with the slicked back hair if I had to guess.

Think the husband guy should get a spinoff show,

“where are you from!?”
“And you, where are you from!?”

“who, me?”


What have we got? Four main suspects?

Big fella with the cut hand who swats people like midges
Younger developer woman he’s palling about with
Shop lady
Shop lady’s grumpy ex/husband

Also got the pub owners but can’t remember anything particularly suspect about them

I reckon it’s someone from Glasgow that we won’t actually see until later on. Seemed like she was into some dodgy business there

Didn’t like the cut of that shifty lad in the blue overalls jib

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Not yet ruling out a Wicker Man style scenario where the contestants are all {SPOILERS FOR VERY OLD FILM} burned in a weird ritual by the islanders.

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Enjoyed that actually but the flashbacks are a bit weird and disjoint it quite a bit - would prefer to leave them out so we can play along with the contestants


The female cop.

You will address her as m’am

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