Murder Mystery Films (AgChris style)

So recently there was Knives Out and before Clue and in the last couple of months I have watched the older Nile, Orient Express and Evil Under the Sun.

What else is there?

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Murder Mystery

Gosford park

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I thought what’s that and looked it up. I’ve only bloody seen it! Forgettable but not as bad as it could have been.

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i love this film but probably not totally what you’re after

Can you go back to a numbered Eric please


The Last of Sheila

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Murder By Death

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Now you’re talking!

If anyone has a suggestion that is on one of the streaming services then that would be even better… although I am willing to torrent but it’s a hassle.

did anyone watch the kenneth branagh orient express? surely brilliant

I have seen it. I thought it would be ok, you know, pass the evening pleasantly. IT WAS FUCKING UNBEARABLY AWFUL!


Nope, how recent? iPlayer recent?



I want a fatter Poirot.

BUY! Are you out of your mind?

(as someone with Netflix, Prime, NowTV, Disney+ and Britbox(free) I can’t justify buying it)

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Thought it was pretty terrible tbf

Malkovich was great in that, could definitely take more Malkovich Poirot

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He was worth watching, I agree.

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If you’re after an Agatha Christie style thing, The Two Faces of January while NOT a murder mystery, nonetheless has a pleasing Christie-esque posh bastards abroad type feel to it

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Don’t mind a bit of posh bastard abroad action. Available on Prime too.