Muse are back

Are roofs in danger when Muse are around like they are with Kasabian?

Looking forward to their hot take on current political events.

never forget


Was hoping for a disaster but that is just dull


I’m not even sure that was written.



Wish they’d just fucking go away


in Pog form?


they still have the oddest fans


i did put origin, and showbiz on a couple of years ago and they were still OK/Good

shit band

weirdly similar

Meh. This is dull. Most of their singles are these days.

They get a bad rep, but this is beautiful:

The bit at 2:10 is lovely.

As the only remaining Muse fan on these boards, I’ll let you all know my thoughts once I’ve given it a listen.

The first tracks released in new album cycles are always a bit weak, though. I’m reserving real judgement until I hear the album.

I would still consider myself a Muse fan, despite the abuse that brings, and half of The 2nd Law being shite.

The 2nd Law is 1/13th bad. It’s all wonderful apart from Liquid State, which does nothing and thus feels like it’s thrice as long as it really is.

Just checked and I like tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. So just over half for me, and 4’s just an intro.

Really don’t like Chris singing. Ugh.

Scratch that, I quite like 13 too.

13’s quite underwhelming after 12. It’s not bad, but it just can’t compete.

I really like how the people who share Unsustainable as an example of how ridiculous they are are invariably the same people who claim they take themselves too seriously. I love it - it’s epic, ridiculous, hilarious, fun, and yet it makes an Important Point. Also, the robot.

The new Muse song is good.

Ban request


Lots of Muse I like, but this is all a bit dull on first listen, as someone has said already somewhere up above.

Wumpy wumpy from Madness (the Muse song) + Queen-style vocal harmonies and guitars we’ve heard before.