Museums (a hot take thread)

Are shit. Oh here is something in a case, here are a few words on it. Oh the person/people you are with is spending to long looking at something/trying to hurry you along. There are too many people. Someone is bumping into you. Don’t walk now, someone is trying to take a shit photo.

Ok you get a few good things but let’s take the best five things from each museum and put them into a super museum which you are allowed to visit once every two years. Job done.


I often admire the architecture (e.g. the NHM, Kelvingrove) and it’s a cool place to throw a party, but artefacts do not excite me.

Yeah I was at the NHM just yesterday and the building is the best bit (plus a couple of other bits).

Artefacts suck balls.

Agree. When I was about 20-21 I went travelling round France and Italy and being young and stupid thought that travelling meant visiting every museum, castle and cathedral there was. Too much. Now I forgo the museums and just find a nice park somewhere.


International soft man convention?


Yeah whenever we go NT I’m all bout the gardens.

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I enjoy going to museums with other people and not being the first person to say “I’m bored, let’s go” and then act all high and mighty about it so they think I’m clever.


More an Italian gentlemen with selfie sticks convention.

Then it’s a M&Ms World all the way baby

Sembra pericoloso

We ran out of time but I bet my son would have loved M&M world (he liked the dinosaurs too but they are pretty rubs compared to a dancing seven foot M&M).


I find museums and galleries exhausting, all that standing about. My legs go all weird (I call it museum legs). If all museums were like Yorvic where you basically sit in a little train and get driven about they would be 100000% better


Massive meringues at the V&A caff.

I went to some art exhibitions which were genuinely very very good when I was in Hamburg recently. First time that’s happened I think. Either that or I’ve changed with getting old and less of a cynical shithead child.

Nah. I love a museum or gallery. Even if I’m not that interested in what’s there, just find them really relaxing and calming. Some of my best memories are strolling round places like the National Museum of Ireland or Museum of civilization (?) in Ottawa.
HATE going with other people though. I go solo, at my own pace


I reckon more museums need to get more creative with the way they display things and stop with all the snobbery. I mean, imagine some sort of rollercoaster where you also learned about Tutankhamun on the way round.

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When I’m in a museum or gallery I like to imagine that the curators have allowed me to take one item home with me, and I spend my time carefully picking out what would look best above the mantlepiece.


Have you gone with your kids? You keep having to bend down to hear them asking questions and shit. Hard work on the back and legs.


and all they care about is getting some shit in the gift shop anyway - that probably will have nothing to so with what you just looked at

There’s also a joy in really shit museums.

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