Museums (a hot take thread)

Not been to one with the 3 year old since he turned into Billy McFuckingquestions.

Like this morning I was walking him to pre-school and his questions were

Him : When are the end of the days?
Me: What? About 7pm, when you go to sleep
Him: No, when is the last day. When do all the days end?
Me: What…like, when are there no more days?
Him: Yes

8am on Monday mate! wants to talk about the end of the fucking world!


Bit like the Argos catalogue game but with higher stakes.

Yeah we did the dinos early (as the people we were meeting had seen them recently) and those NHM have a bonus dinosaur specific giftshop outside the section! Bastards.

I got away quite lightly with three magnets and a ruler that can wrap round your wrist.

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They’re not meringues, they’re the lights


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Always good for if you forget the circumference of your wrist.


‘ask your mum’

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Like the Terror Tomb at Chessington?

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The story followed a corrupt tour guide named Abdab plotting to steal treasure from within the tomb, before he is captured by mummies and sacrificed in a dramatic hard rock concert finale.


You’re doing museums wrong. Always go at your own pace and agree to wait for each other at the end of the section/gallery/cafe/exit.

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I love a gallery or museum, me.

Can’t wait until little Jimbo’s of an age where we can head up on the train to London and look at the dinosaurs in the NHM, or go and see the mummies at the British Museum.

Although, as museums go the Booth Museum is pretty mental. It’s like some mad skeleton collector / taxidermist died and left his collection for the world to see. Entrance is free, psychiatrist fees for the ongoing mental trauma less so.

Jesus. Remember it v well now you’ve reminded me of the plot. Poor guy gets impaled numerous times

Yeah. Like a game of chicken. Who’s going to snap and suggest going to the pub first?

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When I travel now, I only want to eat drink and look at the water. I don’t ask for much, and please don’t pester me to DO things. I do like having as nosy in the churches of mediterranean countries, though, as they can be fascinating. And I did once stumble across an awesome tiny little Dali exhibition in a gallery in Barcelona once. But I can confidently say that other than the museum of slavery (grim and horrifying) in Kunta Kinte island in the gambia, I have managed to avoid holiday museums.

No. They’re good. Honest.

Most of them anyway. Can only think of one bad one.

yorvik it is then

Don’t mind a museum or a gallery but either the cafe or the shop are the highlight of the entire visit

Not so sure kids go in for that

Yeah we did the Booth Museum a year back. Got a rubber snake from the gift shop.

have you been to the NHM in the last 10 years or so

I couldn’t wait to take Noah when he was small - he was terrified of the giant moving, roaring T Rex they have now