Mushrooms on toast

Alright? I’m thinking of making mushrooms on toast for tea tonight and was wondering if anyone had a good recipe? Cream or Creme fraiche? Garlic or just shallots? Might stick a bit of Boursin in?

I sometimes have mushrooms near toast


Standard cup mushrooms or mix is up a bit?

Mushrooms are fucking great eh


As part of a fried breakfast? That’s not quite what I’m looking for.

garlic, shallots, brandy, cream, bit of parsley maybe.


I guess so, yeah

They certainly are. Who wouldn’t like mushrooms, eh?

Shallot, gruyere, dijon and a splash of milk/cream is a good one. Bit of parsley too


Don’t want to have to buy brandy just for this meal, but maybe I can find a miniature somewhere.

to go on toast I’d probably just go with fried in butter - plenty of salt and pepper, some garlic

chestnut mushrooms seem to be my go to mushroom these days - best ratio of flavour to cost


Multiple mentions of parsley. I always have my doubts over whether parsley actually tastes of anything.

What’s wrong with beans on toast, for goodness sake!

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Then this is probably not the thread for you. I’m deeply sorry that you don’t like mushrooms, they’re one of my favourite things.

My other half is allergic to mushrooms, so her.

It’s not essential. Does give the sauce more depth though.

I have beans near toast sometimes.


Is this now the ‘mention other foods at random’ thread?

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Love to deglaze

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I’m afraid I’m one of those traditional thread title/content gals.

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