🍄 Mushrooms 🍄

Really great stuff. Tasty on toast, as a side, soaked in garlic butter, deep fried, stuffed, barbecued, any which way you like. Nice in sauces and that too. Not really into all this try-hard foraging or using a load of different types. Button, chestnut or the big flat lads will do. Mushrooms are very nice indeed, discuss.


Disgusting. Will only eat them if I know they’ll cause visions.

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Probably need to explore different types more, especially the wanky foraged sort

Always enjoy them, don’t think to make them often, not sure I’ve nailed how to cook them as well as I do for a lot of other veg. Soemthing to work in in the year of our Lord 2022 :muscle:

Don’t get on with them, big ones, little breaded ones, as part of a breakfast, in a curry, in burger form, tried loads of kinds and just don’t like them :pensive::mushroom:

The good ones are good. But the bad ones are like eating rising damp.


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Mushrooms are wicked, love them.


Not a fan, the slimy texture, the fact it is mould, the creepy underside of cap mushrooms, none of it is for me. However, if it’s hidden i don’t mind the taste at all

Flatmate does big ones stuffed with cream cheese and garnishes, a lovely dinner that feels like it could be healthy but soon becomes very obviously unhealthy/delicious

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Think it’s weird to eat something that is neither a animal or plant :woozy_face:

Love mushrooms, love cheap breaded mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise could eat by the bucket load. Porcini mushrooms for any other mushroom situation for me love them.

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Really nice stuffed with blue cheese and chopped up bacon too.

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Think reading about these in my nature book as a kid turned me off them for good

Can only have them as a dessert if i eat them before, they don’t leave mush room for me to eat anything else hahaha

What a fun guy (fungi) I am hahah

They’re alright

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Oh my word that looks like my absolute dream restaurant


Bf is very good at foraging for them. My favourite are chanterelles! Deeeeelicious.


Really hate them.

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Shiitake cream tartlettes with banana cream and shiitake syrup! Holy smokes

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did go to a :rotating_light: tasting menu :rotating_light: event once though where they took the piss a bit. The vibe was that it was all locally sourced/foraged stuff - so for example they didn’t even use vanilla in something, swapping it out for sweet woodruff

however, given the time of year and location in the world, this resulted in mushrooms on toast for the second course, then loads of mushrooms with beef for the third course, then a mushroom-vodka in the cocktail before the desserts … and then chocolate-coated mushroom truffles for the finale. Was quite sick of the sight of them by that point

shoutout to the women sitting next to us who was clearly very annoyed by this mushroom abundance and ploughed her way through each course with an ever increasing frown :smiley:


get me some

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I like mushrooms that own 1 item of clothing with mushrooms

Spoilers: It will soon be too

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