Music and your mind

I’m doing some research into how music and sound impacts our mind and body (working with an expert on a podcast for next year).

I’d be really curious if you’ve seen or read anything about how music impacts you…? Articles, podcasts, and documentaries welcome too.

I feel like I’ve always been curious about this stuff but it’s hard to know where to begin with everything from music therapy to “sleep music” (which I dig deep into when working for Max Richter last year).

I’ve just got a trial of that Endel app for apparently mood improving music and focus but quite sceptical about it.

I thought Charlotte Church’s answer to a question I asked her last week about live music was quite interesting and reminded me of a few of the discussions on here for a year or two ago Charlotte Church on Instagram: "Why Pop Dungeon, like all live music, is good for you. Tickets for our tour are on sale now. First show is Dec 3rd at the glorious Clapham Grand in London. #music #livemusic #mentalhealth"

I’ll add a few bits I’ve seen and read to this thread