Music at work situation [Poll]

  • No music
  • Inoffensive background music
  • People fighting over spotify
  • Some kind of work-sanctioned playlist hell on repeat
  • Other (detail below)

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currently being treated to ironic powerballads :roll_eyes: not like i’m trying to edit to music or anything, guys

Spotify + headphones. No communal music.


Headphones in, podcasts and Spotify galore.


Difficulty with working in a trendy media environment, isn’t it. Every rose has its thorn.


Headphones and Spotify.

  • Well obviously I listen to radiohead on my beats headphones while I work!
  • obviously talking about communal music in the office

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Part of the Headphones & Spotify / Podcasts posse.

In our new office set up, where there’s just a dozen or so of us on two banks of desks in a massive room, my team now has a digital radio in our section and we set it up according to what we fancy. Currently on Radio X. Lots of bollocks, but enough nostalgic shit for me to appreciate.

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Spotify + headphones. Used to work in a call centre when I was a teenager that had local radio on constantly, still haunted by some of the advert jingles.



No communal music

Headphones and mp3 player or spotify.

Other: Personal music on your headphones only.

It’s weird, the guy who’s my new manager sort of (as in he runs the department I am working within but I am still working for the UK technically) has a little radio on his desk and plays some really MOR station all day on a low but annoying volume.

He is a great guy and also head of IT stuff so I’m surprised he even uses a little radio instead of his computer.

The thing is on a Monday or Tuesday I sit at a desk next to him and it drives me a bit potty but I can’t really say anything as I’m really only a transient worker and I CAN sit in a different place with no one to talk to or work from home…

Why the fuck are you ever in the office then

what’s radio X? Did a stint at a place where they had Radio 6 on fairly loudly all day long, absolutely hellish.

New branded XFM

think that must be one of the least hellish of the widely available options

Bunch of fucking Philistines in this place, honestly.


Before the office reorganised and the whole company was in one space, the communal radio was generally set to Radio 6, and it was shit - you soon realise how small the playlist on the daytime shows are, you’d hear the same songs ten times a day.

Edit, this was meant to be a reply to @rich-t

i thought it was solid, real solid.

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