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This is a nice idea. See what the popular tracks are in different cities of the world

Fascinated by that godawful sea shanty being the M1 corridor’s tune of choice.

What’s with the Low Countries there, too?

They’ve misspelled “cornocopia”. Ahm oot.

ffs southampton

Hate his crooner shtick. Load of shit.

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Popular in the Mendips too, maybe it’s a “places likely to flood” thing.

I have not heard this song

Hahaha it mentioned Trencin, Slovakia!

There’s a long running in-joke with my mates about this city and certain mysterious goings-on there. It would be inappropriate to discuss on this medium, though, so for now it will remain completely mysterious.

I don’t understand what is going on here

Not heard it

Seems better than the other #1 songs at least

I’m a bit confused now

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