Music buying decisions

Have you ever had a tough choice over which album to buy, and with hindsight did you make the right choice?

Back in the day i spent around an hour in solid sounds in the metro centre deciding between the luniz and babylon zoo album.

I chose luniz only to be refused service due to a pesky parental guidance sticker. Left with babylon zoo and its fair to say good fortune was on my side that day. I have still never listened to that luniz album


Sometimes I don’t buy something unless I can find a second thing to justify the transaction. Makes no sense.

Exceptions of course if I went in explicitly for something or came across a must-have.

Back in 2000 I visited my best friend at college and we were in a used CD store - both Feeder’s Polythene and GnR’s The Spaghetti Incident were available for $4. I agonized for an hour over which one to get or if I should even get one at all. At that point I only knew Feeder’s high and only knew GnR’s big singles.

Opted for Feeder. A rare decision I have zero regret over, I love it more every year.


Back when they came out I had a choice between Fat of the Land by the Prodigy and Vanshing Point by Primal Scream.
Chose FotL, listened to it for a week, brought it back and swapped it for Vanishing Point. No regrets.